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Gaby Moore’s second season of Naked-U is now for sale, and you should NOT buy it until AFTER you read my review right here…

To begin at the beginning, MANY of my readers have already snapped up their copy of Naked-U Season 2– which I know because I’ve already gotten several emails to that effect, and if I was going to do this review by vote, then it would be a good one:

The comments I’ve gotten back have been overwhelmingly positive.

I received the package a while ago for review, and I just haven’t had the chance to go through it until now because I’ve had so many other things on my plate, including my own promotion last week, and my now 3-month-old daughter who is far too adorable to keep my hands off of.  Talk about a distraction!

But one thing that’s obvious as soon as you get Season 2 is that it’s a big upgrade in quality.  Gaby and her team spared no expense this time around to create something that looks and feels like a serious program.

But it’s what’s inside that probably matters to you, so let’s get down to brass tacks…

This new version of Naked-U is targeted to “men over 40,” and addresses our “special needs” as more mature lovers.

In a way, however, that’s a head-scratcher because all of the material is absolutely applicable to men of any age.

However, there are 3 things in particular that Gaby addresses that men over 40 deal with, and the program is split into 3 sections for this purpose:

Diminished power of erection, diminished ability to last as long, and diminished confidence.

Each section includes instruction on mental strategies, as well as a ton of video demonstration with attractive couples showing the physical strategies, sex positions, and sexual techniques that work to improve each of these 3 categories.

One of the sections that I particularly loved because it’s something you just don’t see anywhere, are all of the erotic things that a woman can do for a man in bed that will encourage his stronger erections.

Not only does this make it a very good program for women and for couples watching together, but I think one of the biggest weaknesses that most men have the bedroom is not really knowing what kinds of things they can tell their woman to do for them (which women LOVE).

Most men probably don’t even know that these techniques feel so good, and how much they could help them to achieve better erections (and no, it’s NOT just oral sex).

Anyway, I think this part of the program is gold, and these are not techniques you are not likely to find anywhere else.  

Another thing that this program addresses extremely intelligently, is how when men get older, “you lose your masculine edge and begin to question your ability to sexually satisfy her.”

The reduction in testosterone, athletic ability, and sexual function really can make men less confident, and it’s that feeling of losing the “masculine edge” more than anything else, that is just doom for a couple’s sex life.

In her section on how to be the “alpha lover” in the bedroom, she breaks down everything from mental states to sex positions that help you regain that edge– but the best part is that she really does a great job in not falling into that same old ridiculous trap that I see everywhere else online, of equating masculinity with “alpha male” dominance.  

It’s not that dominance or “alpha” cave-man characteristics aren’t masculine, it’s just that it’s such a shamefully LIMITED view of masculinity that cheats men who aren’t particularly alpha out of all of the OTHER ways they can express their masculine sexuality, and equally cheats women out of getting richer and more enjoyable expressions of masculinity from their man.

By now I guess it’s clear that I think this is a darn good program.  

As always with Gaby, it’s impeccably researched and filled with stuff that is REAL and not just a bunch of over-hyped tricks. 

So many sex programs out there these days stress this “one magic move that no woman can resist!!” and that’s just never the case.

As with the first season, there is the silly gimmick of having a female instructor slowly strip while giving the informational part, and then having adult actor couples do the actual demonstrations.

The stripping instructor thing is at best… well, I suppose at best it’s sexually exciting to watch?  …and at worst it’s kind of silly and distracting.

WARNING:  It hardly seems worth mentioning, but if you have a problem with porn addiction, this program is going to trigger serious problems for you, and you want to avoid it.

And my last note is exactly what I said about season 1:

I believe almost all of  what makes truly great sex is about the emotions involved, and creating states of intimacy and erotic lust that make any technique work, and without which every technique falls flat…

But there is also a need to know what you’re doing, and for many men, visual demonstration is the most direct way to get this.  

And since I am never going to be recording this kind of program, I think that Gaby’s Naked-U series continues to be a fantastic complement to the courses I create, and so I’m going to keep on recommending them.

On sale for only 3 more days right here >>

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